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The Word Of The Lord, Deliverance & Healing

With regards to the message posted on the 14.10.2014 titled (with all your getting get understanding) here is a testimony about how deliverance brings break through.

Hello my name is sister J from England UK I just want to share my testimony  of how deliverance brought my break through.

Several months ago brother Pablo Jones and I prayed in the telephone about a job I applied for ,he said  that the word of the Lord to me was that the job was mine.Some time after that prophetic word ,and after I had applied for the job it came to my attention that I didn't get the job to make a long story short.I wondered how could this be? but this was the word of the Lord.I wasn't happy wasn't sad because I chose to trust God.

Some months after I was quite broken and I prayed with brother Pablo Jones in the phone for some time which lead me through a series of deliverance prayers and confessions,notice DELIVERANCE ,I had not or could ever imagine that deliverance was connected to my break through.The next day after that brother Pablo Jones had ministered deliverance I received offers for two job interviews ,guest what ? That first job that the prophetic word was connected to was true because out of these two job interviews I got a job similar to the one the prophetic word was connected to but ten times better so God's word was true but he had a bigger plan I couldn't or didn't see at the time,actually I did get the job , the one God wanted for me which was way better than the one I wanted for my self so even though I couldn't see how deliverance was connected to it ,I understand clearly now that indeed they are issues that can even block a prophetic  manifestation, I wonder what would have happened if I didn't get delivered?but I have learnt through the whole experience ,faith,patience and that God really does have my very best interest at heart.

Sister J from the UK