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Can we live a sickness free life?

I've never read in the bible that Jesus had a flue,suffered from diabetes ,had asthma and was always short of breath ?

This same Jesus came into the world as normal flesh and blood a human being,was tempted by satan but never sinned , he wept like a human being,(JESUS WEPT) he must had been angry when he chased those selling in the temple with a whip,he even made WINE but still he was never sick nor fearful,except for at the cross when Jesus took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. 

If as Christ is so are we in this world that means we have the capacity in Christ Jesus to live a sickness free life but what is the missing ingredient?

Jesus said all things are possible to those who believe,so then could it be that we don't believe or don't really believe? 

shalom and love