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The Word Of The Lord, Deliverance & Healing

The Spirit will raise a standard

On Saturday 25th of October 2014 just a few day ago satan came to sift me out as wheat,he tried to pull every string he could to get me faulter but I thank God for his grace and mercy.

Then suddenly in the evening after all this had happened my heart was over whelmed with the love of God like I never had before but always we need to have comfort in the Lord knowing Isaiah 59:19 that when the enemie comes in like a flood the Holy Spirit will raise a standard against him.

I understood that love is so powerful that's why when satan tempted Jesus he couldn't move Jesus nor get him to compromise in any way because Jesus was established in perfect love.Just as much as perfect love cast out fear is as much as perfect love/God's type of love chases the enemy away. 

Satan will come to sift you out as wheat but when you are rooted in love it will chase satan away. 

Shalom and love