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My biggest love the HOLY SPIRIT.

Often the Holy Spirit is treated  with contempt,put on a shelf to use at will or totally forgotten.Hummm the Holy Spirit was there from the beginning as you can see in Genesis CH 1:VS 2.God does nothing with out his Holy Spirit ,the Holy Spirit is real and awesome he's not to be forgotten,he's to be remembered at all times.Jesus had to go away in order for the comforter to come.The Holy Spirit always bears testimony to Jesus ,he's the one that teaches us and supernaturally empowers us how to love,how to be sons of God and how to walk out our God given assignment and millions more.

I am so in love with the Holy Spirit he is my lover,I don't need ,billions nor trillions all I need is the Holy Spirit,he's the comforter,the teacher,the advocate,the councillor ,my best friend and my only love.Friends will smile with you in the face and stab you in the back but the Holy Spirit is ever faithful and loyal,I dare to say this,until you learn how love the Holy Spirit and to be lead by him and receive of his love,you will never be able to love any one else but your self wow I just said it!

No miracle can be performed with out the Holy Spirit ,if prophets prophesy with out the Holy Spirit they prophesy lies.What do I mean by this?you can prophesy at will yes of course but I believe the prompting is trigured by the Holy Spirit against prophesying from thin mid air.Can we speak in other tongues yes so do demons.Hummmm along my Christian journey I've had people prayed in tongues over me my my my ,I never got so much night mares in my life ,the witchcraft that was released by their tongues lead me to fight in WARFARE for many days until I was set free.Romans 8:14 says as many as are lead by the spirit of God they are the sons of God,so if we aren't being lead by his Spirit are we rebellious ?and rebellion is as witchcraft?God forbid.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path.What I often do in my prayer closet is to acknowledge the Holy Spirit by declaring lord you said if I ask you for a fish you will not give me a snake nor a bread a stone,so thankyou that as I speak in tongues it's from you.I acknowledged him.

learn to fellowship with the Holy Spirt and your prophetic gifting will be so sharpened and accurate that even though you come in Shalom your accuracy will put many to flight.Please please please all you do don't grieve the Holy Spirit I love him to bits.


shalom and love