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The Word Of The Lord, Deliverance & Healing

Words of Inspiration (2)

To be impatient on God opens a door to the enemy ,often when we get restless with God and complain the enemy brings  temptation straight away  ,women if you are waiting on the Lord for a husband and you become impatient ,take note how the battle against your desires and thoughts intensifies  if the enemy can get you impatient he can tempt you with sin,he will throw all kinds of things contrary to to word of God against you,like wise when seeking the call of the Lord on your life enquire of the Lord what he wants you to do and ask for grace to wait it out ,less the tempter will try to get you to step out before Gods appointed time.If we aren't being lead by the Holy Spirit then God isn't involved.


Faith still needs Gods approval ,before Peter stepped of the boat he ask the Lord to bid him come.So when you use faith with God you will get the desired result ,faith shouts out to us which then requires a response from our end.What am I say ?for by grace we were saved through faith ,we still couldn't have been save unless the Holy Spirit convicted our hearts to repentance which then allowed faith to kick in through his approval? Am I talking to some body out there ???