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Jesus paid your fare?

I was woken up after 04:00 this morning by the Holy Spirit which is always a wonderful thing as we can see in Isaiah 50:4,now what was on his heart ?this is what was in on his heart.

My children are fighting the wrong battles they are fighting flesh and blood instead,which is causing satan to bind them up,steal and take advantage of them.Yup satan has the church firing rounds at each other and missing him totally.That old serpent the devil,is probably sipping on a cappuccino watching us fight each other as on would sit cozy and watch a western or a good war film?yes indeed it's very sad!! but guess what?he's defeated,dethroned and disarmed so we get to enjoy laughing at him.

The Holy Spirit then instructed me to fight against the kingdom of darkness and it's powers,as I was already comfortable in my bed,I just started warring away as the lord lead me into battle to shatter the kingdom of darkness over my self,my home and his people but in particuallary one specific person.Who knows whether you ask for it or not,the enemy has an assignment towards us all?

I did as instructed by the Holy Spirit and as I stood up I almost collapsed into the ground I thought this don't feel like the Holy Spirit.What the Lord lead me to experience was the dark powers that surrounds us as I came agaisnt the kingdom of darkness,it is nasty nasty,nasty.I thank the Holy Spirit that he was the one standing with me but through that experience I had an awesome supernatural peace.The Lord wanted me to experience how the kingdom of darkness operates arounds us daily,witchcraft,voodoo,curses,hexes,all these evil forces but grater is he that's in us than he that's in the world,put your hands together and shout Amen to the king!!👏so you need not fear the forces of darkness because Jesus is always with you.

People who practice witchcraft,occultism and other satanic practices knows that one of the heaviest defeats a Christian can suffer is because they don't pray between the hours of 00:00 midnight and 03:00 am.Those are the hours where curses and ever other evil are targeted towards the body of Christ,when you destroy the works of darkness through out these hours not saying to pray for whole 3 hours but between midnight and three am and pray proff your days,you will see the manifestations of you answered prayers,ask any person who has been an occultist with regards to what happens between those hours.

Now as I prayed for this specific individual as mentioned earlier,I felt the Lord say,tell my people love is the most powerful force no force can stand agaisnt love ,love is more powerful than an atomic bomb and it's results are far more effective.The Lord said when we pray remember Ephesians 6 our battle is NEVER agaisnt flesh and blood but against principalities,powers,rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.Enforce  satans defeat each time when you pray for others by addressing the forces behind the person understanding that it's satan and his forces that have them bound up if they are bound up.

Our mission is to destroy the terrorists/satan and his kingdom of darkness and not the hostages/flesh and blood.


Shalom and love