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Christ in you the hope in glory

The Word Of The Lord, Deliverance & Healing

Jesus is indeed good news

I am convinced that when a person gives his life to Jesus ,the cares of this world has no power over that believer ,even though at times it appears so when the going gets tough,notice I said APPEARS.

That old special effects serpent ,makes things appear that aren't real ,like FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL (Fear).Our new man in Chrsit is a powerful being unlike the old man that was of the world.When we made Jesus our Lord,we took on Christ's nature and being,though in a physical body.Exactly what Jesus over came so can we because his Holy Spirit dwells with in us adding super  to our natural,that's right supernatural.

I have heard of believers after just giving their lives to Chrsit,went around casting out demons and healing the sick,they would never have been able to do that with their old nature still on.Faith is a must as a believer,faith is mandatory for all who are in Christ ,faith enables us to do what the father did and see beyond our circumstances and situations,faith in God qualifies us to partake in the sonship available through grace.Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

All of God's children have to walk the path of faith and truth be it known,trusting is God is harder that training with any special force unit but it's very rewarding knowing that eternity with the Lord is at the finishing line.When we understand that he/Jesus loves us endlessly and nothing can separate us from his love,neither bills,enemies,foes,neighbours,family friends absolutely nothing can separates us from his Love,it strengthens and provokes our faith in him/ the finished work at the cross which leads to that place where nothing is needed,nothing is missing and nothing is wanting.

Jesus didn't die in vain ,he died in gain.Now as much as our circumstances are true,is as much they aren't because Jesus over came the world.I am sure your question is why then do we still have problems?because things will come our way but we have the ability in us to create,we can turn a situation into something worse than it is with our creative power the mind/thoughts or we can choose to trust Gods word and see that situation come to nothing.

Again we are supernatural beings living in a body and we have to understand that we have the ability to create and influence our circumstance,we can either create that which God says and that which is of God  or we can create that which is of satan in other words come into agreement with either way will work.

I do believe Jesus is more concerned with growing us into mature SONS of God and developing our Character than our circumstances,I said MORE concerned that's why he always uses our circumstance for his glory which will often more or less result in us having to use FAITH to get to the other side.

Choose to not let circumstances overwhelm you but remember they have been over come,only believe.

Shalom and love