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The Word Of The Lord, Deliverance & Healing

Be persistent as a soldier of Christ.

No man warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.2 Timothy 2:14 

When you become a son of God ,we are constantly trained for battle ,God was a man of war back then and he still is now ,Jesus the same yesterday to day and for ever Hebrew 13:8.Our battle is never agaisnt flesh and blood but against the forces of darkness as stated in Ephesians 6.Our rules of engagement has changed where as prophets don't call down fire from heaven nor draw their swords and kill people as previously done under the old covenant for we are no longer under the law but under grace. 

Some of the frustrations often faced when trusting the Lord things like,irritation,sense of dryness ,feeling weary,confused ,feeling exhausted and giving up is not necessarily demonic attack but could possible be that one is in God's training process being transformed from a baby Christian to a mature Christian.We cannot serve two masters at the same time Matthew 6:24,you will either love one and hate the other.When a person have given their life to Jesus,there is a transformation process where God is removing the old master,the cares of the world,the old mind set,lust of the flesh,lust of the eyes and pride of life and is drawing us to him self where we would be fully transformed into his likeness and nature and acknowledge him as the only master and lord in our lives.

That transformation process can be very frustrating and painful because God is working with us to get us to that right point in him.During the process we can find our selves drifting  off forward and backwards into our old ways,which can lengthen our process due to various factors.A common one is us not cooperating with the Holy Spirit.Rember salvation is a free gift and and not being under the law means it's not by works of the flesh but Jesus is Lord and if we are not for him we are agaisnt him,if we aren't co-operating with him we are wrestling against him.

Praise the Lord,being a good sodier for Christ like Paul was means we will experience some very difficult times and trials along our Christian walk and yes the heat gets turned up,but it's not because God don't love us or he's mad at us ,but on the contrary he loves us  so much that's why he wants us to be tuffened soldiers of endurance fit for battle for the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy.


Shalom and love